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I've created an Etsy shop for my jewellery. Please do take a look.

Well, after a long break I hope to be getting back to making some jewellery soon. Here is a picture of my latest project doing her best "Come in Mr. Bond," impression...

I'm recently back off my holiday. My husband and I spent the most lovely week in Cornwall. If you get chance to go I recommend the self catered accommodation that are part of the Ventonglidder farm. I booked through Rural Retreats. Go to their site and enter property reference CW095 Little Hill. The owners also have two other properties available, Lower Gew and St. Clethers.

Now I'm back I've updated the shop. Two out of the three tulip coasters are now available.

I've just uploaded some pictures of three tulip coasters I made recently. You can find them in the Gallery. One of the coasters I've lent to the college I attend for a display they are doing but once it's back I'll be putting them in the shop.


For those of you that like to know more about the glass I use these coasters are made entirely from Bullseye glass. I've used pine green, olive green, light turquoise blue, light sky blue, sunflower yellow, light cyan opal, pea pod opal and of course clear.

I have some time to myself this week. A rare occurance for me. I've taken the week off work so I can paint my hallway at home. It's a big job and after 6 hours gloss painting yesterday I decided to take today off and do something else. So I did and here is the result, a lovely chainmaille bracelet.

Happy New Year!!


I thought I'd share these pictures of a couple of presents I made for people this year. The beaded flower bracelet was a gift for my sister-in-law and the pearl bracelet was my Xmas gift to my mother-in-law. They both seemed to like them so that was a relief! ;)


Yes I am still here. :) The three sales I had lined up went well, thanks to everyone that came along to see Wendy and me and to my mum for helping out, and I've put the shop back online. I have loads of things to add to it over the next couple of days so keep checking back.

Please note: As Christmas is almost here I cannot guarantee items will reach you in time for Christmas but I will do my best to get things in the post asap. If you do need an item quickly then let me know.

Need a Snow Day?

Well, it never rains but it pours :)

I am now taking part in three, count them and watch me panic, sales in the run up to Christmas. I will post more details as they become available but here is a quick overview.

Thursday 26 Nov 7:30PM - 8:30PM There will be a sale of work at the collage I attend. If you want to pop along it's Merton Adult Education Centre on Watley Avenue in Wimbledon.

Sunday 6 Dec AM There will be a sale of work from various collage students at St Winifreds Church on Latimer Road, Wimbledon after the service.

Saturday 12 Dec 10AM - 4PM I am sharing a table with my collage friend Wendy at the David Lloyd gym on Bushey Road, Raynes Park. You need to be a gym member to get though. I'm going to be checking with the gym whether they plan to have an open day coincide with this sale as I know some people who want to attend that are not members.

I hope to see you there.

Iíve removed my online shop for the time being. I have several sales of work coming up and I want to make sure I donít disappoint anyone by selling the same item twice. The shop should be back mid-Dec as my last sale is the w/e of 12 Dec.


Iíve also added a new link. Artistic Licence are a group of talented artists which include my former glass tutor. Please do take a minute to check out their page.

Well the bead fair was fantastic. There were shiny, sparkly beads as far as the eye could see. There were some amazing lampwork beads to be had so I've tried to give as many of them as possible a good home. ;) I will be turning them in to fully fledged jewellery during the course of the next month and will be selling them at the David Lloyd (Raynes Park) Christmas Fair on Saturday 12th December. If you are a member of this gym please do come along and see me, and my friend Wendy, on our stall. There will be plenty of glass items up for grabs as well as a range of jewellery. I'll post more info/pictures as they become available.


Hello one and all. This week I've been working on some new commissioned cufflinks. They came out of the kiln this morning and are looking spiffy. :) Iíll post pictures of them later on this week. [done]





Iím also working on adding a Links page to my site so you can link directly to some people that create the most amazing beads.


Like any mad keen beader Iíve created a huge shopping list for this Saturdayís Big Bead Show. Iím very excited about this fair and hope to spend the rest of the weekend beadingÖ although itís more likely Iíll end up weeding the garden, ho hum. If you are interested in attending you can currently get free tickets at the link I've included above.

Well OK. So as it happens I'm not the best at this blogging thing yet. ;)

Since my last post I've been on holiday for two weeks and I've made my mum some lovely, if I do say so myself, bracelets.

I'm currently designing some pieces for Christmas (oh yes, if the stores can do it so can I) and I'm looking forward to the Big Bead Fair at Sandown Park on the 17th Oct. There should be new additions to the store before the end of the month.


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